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Jamis Ventura Elite

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Jamis Ventura Elite
I bought the Jamis Ventura Elite sometime in June I belive.  Its a Victory Red / Pearl White color scheme.  Its the only color that it comes in for the 2010 mode year.  For 2010 Jamis introduced hidden wires under the grip tape so you dont see the wires coming off the levers directly but rather they run them neatly under the grip tape to the center of the handlebars.  
I have enjoyed riding the bike more than I thought I would.  Before I bought the bike I was afraid that I would be uncomfortable on the bike and that I would not be able to hold on the the hooks (the lower part of the handlebars) and was very worried about being able to use the brakes and shift levers.  I though the only way to ride the bike was to hold on to the hook.  Turns out you can hold on to the top tube just fine and reach the shift and brake levers easily.  
When you buy a Road Bike, most of them do not come with pedals.  I was fortunate enough that a friend of mine gave me his wife's mountain bike pedals to use and he upgraded hers for her.  I already had shoes that I have been using with my mountain bike for over a year but I never bought clipless pedals for the bike. 
Clipless pedals do take a while getting used to.  First and most important is to figure out how to unclip form the pedals to get comfortable with the motion.  You click your heal out toward the outside of the bike and the shoe releases.  Alternative I have heard is when you fall and bounce twice the clips will release.  Second, you have to remember to unclip before you come to a stop.  After riding for an hour and being inexperienced its easy to forget that you have to unclip before you stop or else you will fall.  I have been fortunate so far and have not had to experience the fall but have come close one time to falling when I forgot to uclip my shoes before coming to a stop after a hard one hour ride.  I was fortunate and somehow managed to unclip right before I was about to fall.  I do remember the moment, coming to a stop and the feet are stuck to the pedals, cant move them no mater what I try to do, I'm thinking to my self I'm going to fall.  
Last Updated on Thursday, 26 August 2010 13:52

Tour de Cure

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Tour de Cure - Sep 22 2012

We are on the Houston Dynamo Team 

About the Tour de Cure

Many people will participate in the Tour de Cure for the stimulating competition, camaraderie and physical cycling challenge,

but the real reward comes in knowing that every mile we ride and every dollar we raise brings us that much closer to stopping

this disease that affects nearly 26 million Americans.

Be one of more than 50,000 riders nationwide committed to helping us Stop Diabetes! 

From coast to coast, in over 43 states, the Tour de Cure is changing the future of diabetes!


100 Miles: 6:30am Check-In, 7am Start
63 Miles: 6:30am Check-In, 7:20am Start
47 Miles: 7:20am Check-In, 7:40am Start
27 Miles: 7:20am Check-In, 8am Start
10 Miles 8am Check-In, 8:30am Start
Champion Nissan Katy, TX 
25550 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 



Last Updated on Monday, 10 September 2012 08:28

MS 150 Houston to La Grange Day 1

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MS 150 Houston to La Grange Day 1 - Apr 21 2012

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 09:00

MS 150 La Grange to Austin Day 2

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MS 150 La Grange to Austin Day 2 - Apr 22 2012

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 09:00

Tour de Donut

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Tour de Donut - Nov 6 2011

28 Mile Race results 

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 November 2011 10:11
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