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Home Computers
  • Backup
    This category covers computer backup for Mac and PC's.  Some backups will allow you to backup to online pay services while others can let you sync or backup your data to attached USB drives or other computers on your home network.  
  • AntiVirus Protection

    We all need to protect our computers from external threats from viruses, spyware, and malware.  They are not only annoying but they affect your productivity.

    There are a number of very good free Anti Virus programs as well as some really good pay ones.  

    You can compare test results by independent organizations like

  • File access
    accessing your files away from home
  • Remote Computer Access

    There are multiple screen sharing applications that will let you coloborate with someone over the internet or access your computer when you are away from home.

    Some are better for offering computer support for a friend when they may be in front of the computer to accept a connection while other will let you access your computer without having to confirm the connection i.e.  

  • Online Disk Space
    Allows you to store your files online in the cloud.
  • Hardware
    Components worth buying to upgrade your computer
  • Tricks
    Computer Tips and Tricks
  • Applications
    Applications that people may find helpful and/or useful
  • Utilities
    Cloning tools, LiveCDs, etc
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • Force10 C300 network switch
  • Apple Mac
  • Firewalls

    Firewall protection for windows systems

    Combine one of these options with the good antivirus and you can keep yourself safe from internet threats.  There are many great free products firewall and antivirus that can protect you and do a better job than some solutions that will cost you more. 

  • Document Conversion

    Convert files from doc or pages to PDF, etc.

     Includes free online links to convert your files without having to download a program. 

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