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Zero Carb

Zero Carb is a way of eating that is pretty simple and can improve your health in many ways.  In zero carb you eat only from the animal kingdom and eat no plants.  

What this means is anything that is from the animal kingdom meat, eggs, fish, and cheese is ok to eat.  You cook in butter, ghee, tallow, or bacon fat.  No need to add additional fat if its not needed for cooking.  

People on zero carb have been eating this way for decades and have reaped the health benefits.  You eat when hungry until you are satiated.  There is no calorie counting.  

It will take most people more than 30 days to fat adopt and switch from running on carbohydrates to running on ketones.  During this time some people may feel tired, be low on energy, experience headaches, cramps, can be cranky.  This is the withdrawal from sugar and carbohydrates.  Once you get fat adopted your energy returns, your blood sugar stabilizes since there is no carbohydrates to spike insulin.

You can find out more by joining the Facebook group Zeroing in on Health. 

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