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Not to long ago I bought a Jamis Ventura Elite Road Bike from Lone Star Bicycles in Cypress, Tx.  Its pretty light weighing in at about 17lbs.  Its very manuverable and fun to ride.   I will try to increase my time riding the bike and in turn exercising more.  I plan on adding a Cycling and Eating Healthy sections to the web.  

 Cycling section

I would put items here as I gain more knowledge of the cylcing world.  Also as I start gaining more knowledge in training techniques I will post them up. I have not tried interval training on the bike yet.  I plan on purchasing probably a Garmin Edge 500 with premium heart rate and probably the cadance sensor so I can gain some data on my training.  I currently use my iPhone with cylometer on a Bike holster that mounts to the stem.  I will probably have a section where I can review the equipment I use.


Eating Healthy

I will include information to eating healthy.

List some food items and their benefits.  

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